How to Grow Cauliflower

Sowing Winter Cauliflower Seeds

Winter cauliflower Aalsmeer should be sown in late Spring, up to mid Summer for cropping early the following Spring. The seeds should be sown individually in the final growing position. Sow cauliflower seeds 1 - 2cm deep, and at least 30cm apart. Protect the seedlings against slugs and snails.

Cauliflower Growing Tips

Winter Cauliflowers are useful to inter-crop with a Summer cropping brassica such as Pak Choi or Stem Broccoli - By the time the cauliflower is growing to good size plants in August & September, you will have harvested the Summer crops. Also, they need exactly the same pest protection.

Cauliflower must be protected with butterfly nets between April and October.

Aaslmeer variety cauliflower is to be sown in mid-summer, the seeds and seedlings will need to be watered regularly, especially during prolonged hot and dry spells. Once well established in the Autumn they will be fully frost hardy.