Growing Carrots

Tips for growing carrots.

Chantenay Red Cored Carrots make a wonderfully colourful addition to the kitchen, and will both steam and roast well. As a larger root vegetable they are best grown in raised bed if possible. Also, they prefer light soils free from stones.

​Sow directly into the ground in final growing position - and sow as thinly as possible.

Sowing Tip: As the seedling grow they will need to be thinned out - the more thinly you sow the seeds, the less work later in the season!

Carrot seeds should be sown in a seed drill approx. 5 to 10 mm deep. Covered over and lightly watered.

​Sowing Tip: Make sure your soil is free of stones, and not over manured. Carrots form multi-fingered and badly formed crops when they encounter stones in the ground and too rich a soil to feed on. They do best in light, sandy soils.

We prefer growing carrots like the Mixed Colour Carrots in raised beds. This allows a good soil depth for the larger root vegetable types, and also allows us to create a soil type perfect for the crop.

To check your crop, just brush away the soil over the formed root - approx. 2.5 to 4 cm diameter root should be ready to pick.