Growing Antirrhinum (Snapdragon)

Sow Snapdragons indoors or under-cover in early February to mid March approximately 8 weeks before last frost. Antirrhinum seeds will germinate in cold temperatures but a greenhouse or cold-frame is ideal. Be sure to protect from frost.  

Prepare pots or a tray with good seed compost and water lightly before labelling according to variety. Sow seeds on the surface and press in gently. Light is vital to seed germination so if sowing indoor it will help to put the seeds under a grow lamp, particularly if sowing early in February the seeds need lots of light!  Keep the compost damp, a propagator or clear plastic seal bag will work well as it helps retain moisture. A temperature of 16 - 18c is ideal. We recommend watering Antirrhinum with a fine spray bottle as this will reduce disturbing the seeds until germinated.

When to Transfer Snapdragon Seedlings

Transfer your seedlings to small pots when they are large enough to handle. Once established the Snapdragon plants can be transferred to a cold frame or greenhouse to harden off. Water lightly until well established. The more mature plants will tolerate light frost so can be planted out from late march onward.

Treat as an annual – some plants may survive the winter, but then may flower bi-annually.